why this newsletter exists

as a gal deeply committed to learning how to make the best out of my human existence, I felt inspired to start this newsletter as a way to share what i’ve stumbled upon and contribute to our collective wellbeing. 

every other monday morning you’ll receive a no frills email from me with 11 wellness related suggestions. they’ll range from articles to playlists, videos to vitamins, recipes to stationery-truly anything that I believe will make your life a little bit better.

this newsletter is titled eleven (11) because it’s considered to be an angel number and also because it’s a number that has historically represented blessings in my life. it was with this energy that the idea for this very newsletter was solidified, on my birthday, January 1st.

living through these times often feels daunting and uncertain. more than ever, it feels like none of us really know what’s coming next, but the one thing i know for sure is that we don’t have to go through any of this alone.

I hope that my wellness musings introduce clarity, inspiration, and goodness into your days.



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Eleven is free monthly wellness newsletter that recaps 11 wellness related musings discovered on the internet and integrates reflections on life lessons through the eyes of Cat, a gal tryin' her best.


a bi-weekly newsletter featuring 11 wellness musings, and life lessons, from a gal trying her best to make sense of life. sent to you with love from mexico city! ✨